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DAG: Feel the Power

How often do you get irritated at the hands of other people? When was the last time you woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Did something set you off and put you in a foul mood when you got into the office? Have you had a cranky day lately? Well…what’s wrong with you?

I work with people every day and sometimes things just don’t go like I wish they would. A project takes a wrong turn, somebody cops an attitude for no apparent reason or some lunatic cuts me off at the turn around Sugarloaf Pkwy. And then flips me the finger. Arggghhh!

But what happens if I react with anything but a smile? What if I let it bother me? What if somebody being a jerk gives me justification to fire back a cutting jab of my own? What if something sets me off in the morning and that sets the tone for me the rest of the day? If I let it alter my day, I hand over my power.

Just give it away. I willingly agree to put my attitude in the hands of others. Free of charge. Here ya go. You can have it. You’re in control of me. I’ll let you rule my brain. I’m a wussy and a wimp. I am a helpless, spineless jellyfish with no backbone and I willingly allow you to zap me of my own powers, take over and rule my day. I am an emboldened type-A control freak personality but with you…I’ll forget who I am, what I value, and everything my mama taught me and let you have control of me.

I know in this world there are a lot of things I can’t control. The weather. The stock market. My wife and kids. But there are some things I can control. I do have the power to control my actions. Even in the face of adversity, unfairness and rudeness, I can retain my power over how I respond. I can choose to take the high road no matter the circumstance. In the most heated nasty argument or exchange with somebody, I can choose to smile and maintain my composure. I can choose to hold on to my power and not give it away to others.

How insane is it to willingly hand over your power to someone who is moody, rude and not treating you right? Of all the people to put in control of you, why choose somebody like that?

Hang on to your power. Keep control of you. The next time you feel some hurt-feel-bads coming on at the hands of others, stop and seize control. Smile, give ‘em a high five and say have a nice day! Feel the power!

David Greer is the publisher of Gwinnett Magazine, The Guide to Gwinnett and Best of Gwinnett. Reach out to David at