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Beauty in Simplicity

Under no circumstances would I ever call myself a photographer-focus, filters, brightness, exposure-even though I may know the difference between these settings, I still don’t have a clue of how to use them. When I take pictures, I just point my camera and hope for the best. It hasn’t always worked when I take pictures of myself (or other people), but at least my pictures of the sky have never looked better! Speaking of which, there is nothing as calming as taking the time to look at the expanse of a clear blue sky-even for just a moment. Though college is less than a year away and my days of viewing the sunset from my house are numbered, I still take pictures-from the front yard or the forest behind my house, whether it be of the sunrise, sunset, or the day in between-just so that I can hold onto the childhood memories of my house and its scenery for a little while longer. Call me obsessive, but without remembering a place’s appearance, can it truly be memorable?

Take this picture–believe it or not, it was a complete accident. Last month, I attended a competition at UGA during the weekend and during my lunch break, I visited one of the botanical gardens on campus. When I decided to take pictures, I originally focused on the fact that it was the perfect clear, sunny day, but that is not why I consider this picture one of the best that I’ve ever taken (by accident) in my life. It was the flowery wall behind me that made this picture stand out-especially when I don’t usually like flowers-the perfect touch to that dreamy blue sky. Though I’m not an expert with photography, it’s those gems in my camera roll, where the sky and the scenery below it are effortlessly perfect, that motivate me to start it as a hobby, so that with every new place I encounter in my future, I can properly immortalize it in photography wherever I go.