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The Right Personality for the Job

Jodi Wells, owner of J Wells Salon, did not originally intend to become a hairdresser.

Although she would get her hair cut professionally, only to go home and fix it herself, she originally went to college to study communications. After two years of study, she ultimately decided to switch to cosmetology school. She jokes that upon telling her friends and family about this choice, they informed her that they had known that cosmetology was the career meant for Jodi all along. They were just waiting for her to realize it. She says that she is “so lucky to have such a supportive family.”

The visual aspect of hairstyling always came easily to Jodi. She explains, even before cosmetology school, “I would get my hair cut, then I would go home and feel where the weight wasn’t right and fix it myself.”

School taught her the more technical aspects like the math of cutting evenly and the chemistry of both dye and perms. Jodi thinks that while the visual and artistic skills required for hairdressing were established before she went to school, her “math brain” quickly absorbed the remaining information.

All of this further solidifies Jodi’s idea that she has “the right personality for this job.” Between her understanding of both visual and technical concepts of cosmetology and her comfort in one-on-one situations, Jodi has built a clientele that has followed her to four different salons.

Now that Jodi has her own space at Muze, she is able to maximize her time with clients, building relationships and practicing the art that she so enjoys.

Contact Jodi:

Twitter: @morganw00d