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Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures! Free Resources for Your Little Learner

Did you know that babies’ brains grow at a rate of 1 million neurons per second? Or that 90% of your child’s brain is developed before the age of 5? The pre-kindergarten years are a pivotal time for your child that will affect their development for years to come. That’s why learning basic skills—like the ABC’s and reading comprehension—early on is so critical.

The power is in our hands to set our children on the right path. But with time constraints and a never-ending list of responsibilities, it can be tricky to juggle tutoring our tots with everything else going on—especially if early education or childcare aren’t accessible. Thankfully, there’s a local initiative right here in Gwinnett that’s making it easier than ever!

After finding that a staggering 52% of our Gwinnett students aren’t ready for kindergarten by the time they enter, community partners and individuals took action by launching Building Babies’ Brains, a comprehensive initiative to bring awareness to the issue and provide the free resources needed to tackle it.

Building Babies’ Brains offers an essential tool kit to help you guide your baby or toddler along each step of their early learning journey. They curate dozens of accessible, in-depth resources and host frequent events to give your child hands-on activities and help them build connections before elementary school.

Building Babies’ Brains has free, customized programs for each stage of your child’s development (from 0-3 months to 5+ years old) available on their website right now! Covering skills like reading, memorization, speaking, math and more, these resources will keep your child engaged and expand their imagination while preparing them to thrive in kindergarten and beyond. From videos and downloadable activity sheets to books and outdoor games, the free learning resources never end!

So, start today and set your child off on an educational journey to last a lifetime! Learn more (and access tonsof free resources!) at The power to shape our kids’ futures is in our hands!