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Big Rigs Offer Big Opportunities…at Little Cost

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Big Rigs Offer Big Opportunities…at Little Cost
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Do engines and motors rev you up? Does diesel-talk spark a fire in you?
If so, a future as a Heavy Diesel Service Technician might be right up your alley.

The best part is that this line of field is so in demand that it’s a part of Georgia’s HOPE Career Grant Program, meaning Gwinnett Tech won’t charge you a penny for tuition (yes, it’s free!) if you enroll through the program. This state-sponsored program is designed specifically to train and educate you in jobs that have more openings than qualified applicants. It’s also meant to fuel economic growth and stability for the state.

Andy Lindman, heavy diesel program director, affirms the value of the HOPE Career Grant Program. “This program is truly designed to meet the immediate workforce needs in just two semesters beginning in the fall and ending in the spring,” he says. “Students are able to receive the tools needed to begin an amazing career as a heavy diesel technician.”