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Building Castles in the Sky…and More

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Building Castles in the Sky…and More
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More than 10.4 million. That’s how many people call Georgia home. This number has more than doubled since the 1920s and is only expected to grow, creating a heightened need for commercial constructions that can keep pace with the state’s burgeoning workforce.

If your dreams are as tall as the skyscrapers stretching across Atlanta’s skyline and you’d enjoy building for the state, the Commercial Construction Management Program at Gwinnett Tech might be for you. “This program prepares students to become managers that plan and execute commercial construction projects,” says Rebecca Alexander, Vice President, Academic Affairs. “It’s exciting to hear students say, “I had a hand in creating the skyline for metro Atlanta.’ “

This program is yet another that’s covered under the HOPE Career Grant Program, which pays your tuition and trains you in specialized, in-demand fields. This means you can earn your credentials without the need to crack open your checkbook.