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Bored with beer? Try something spiked!

Adult refreshment trends—or fads—appear and disappear as quickly as the foamy head in a glass of beer. Next up: spiked seltzers. You’ve tasted flavored soda water. Now imagine some alcohol thrown in. White Claw and Truly, brands of hard seltzer you may never have heard of, are suddenly making themselves known as low-calorie, low-carb alternatives to beer and that vestige of the ’70s, wine coolers.

“It’s light, it’s easy, it’s refreshing,” says Beverage SuperStore manager Greg Gottschalk. And don’t forget versatile. “They’ve got the different flavors so you can keep your options available.”

Options? The modern day consumer loves those. And spiked seltzers deliver.

“They’re mixable,” says Beverage SuperStore manager Karl Furem. “You can’t add spirits to beer, but something like this—at-home bartenders can add whatever they want to it.”

And they do. “I’ve seen people buy the ruby red grapefruit White Claw and then buy a funky-flavored vodka…cause you can mix those two things together,” says Gottschalk. The result is their own personal cocktail and a bubbly change-of-pace without beer’s wheat, gluten, and calories. Did we say beer? Spiked seltzers like White Claw are actually made by breweries and are some of Beverage SuperStore’s biggest sellers among the Millers and Buds of the world.

Spiked seltzers are indulging the “what’s new, what’s different, what’s next” appetite of consumers while at the same time, showing themselves to have staying power.

“Everybody’s always going to be worried about their weight,” says Gottschalk. “And it’s the hundred calories, it’s a guilt-free way of drinking. They claim it to be water, so you feel good about it.”

So, refreshing and bubbly though they are, spiked seltzers are not just for this summer.

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