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Bringing the Humanity Back to High-Speed Internet

Over the past year, we’ve all learned just how critical it is to have speedy, dependable internet—whether you’re in the office or working from home. Maybe your connection dropped during a major Zoom meeting with your boss. Or maybe FaceTime-ing your loved ones was too much for your router to handle.

What’s even more of a downer is that today’s giant internet service providers (ISPs) are cold and unhelpful, with lousy customer service and never-ending wait times. But did you know there’s one Southern-grown telecommunications provider that’s breaking all those negative stereotypes of the industry?

For over 70 years, the South Carolina-based Hargray has been connecting people all across the Southeast, providing top-notch service and next-gen technology that’s specialized to fit each customer’s unique needs. Offering a wide range of residential, business and wholesale communication services, Hargray is here to take out the hassle and bring the humanity back to internet service.

Check out today’s episode of the Gwinnett Podcast where Torryon Coleman, Hargray’s Vice President of Network Engineering, took us back in time through the fascinating history of communication, shared his insight on the future of internet service and discussed what sets Hargray apart from the rest!

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