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Button Gwinnett Part 3: Making The Mark.

In this episode of Gwinnett History: Back In The Day, we finish our series on Button Gwinnett. Join us as we go from the Declaration of Independence to the duel that would finally take his life.

There are no perfect founding fathers, and Button Gwinnett is no exception.

As a matter of fact one historian wrote in 1856 about Gwinnett’s death, “Thus fell one of the patriots of the revolution; and though entitled to the gratitude of his country, for the services which he rendered her, her citizens will ever lament that he fell a victim to a false ambition and a false sense of honor.” 

When his arch enemy, Lachln McIntosh, called Button a low class, liar who never had any honor or virtue; it was basically to say that he didn’t deserve his seat at the table. 

So, much of our time talking about Button Gwinnett has been about Button’s need for approval. We’ve learned how much his self-worth was tied to this approval. To publically, stand up and insult Button, was more than “throwing shade” in a negative Tweet about someone. This was more than just bad PR. This was more than a guy going on Fox News or MSNBC and calling an elected official a moron. Disrespect wasn’t so easily forgiven back in the day. 

These were “fighting words.”

And when I say, “fighting words” – What I mean is that these were “gunfighting words.” 

With guns.

You don’t want to miss this week’s final exploration into the life of our county’s founding father, Button Gwinnett.

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