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Check Out the World at GSMST International Night

Are you interested in learning about all the cultures of the world? Have you ever wanted to see different attractions from all over the globe? Do you want amazing food? If you said yes to any of the above, come to GSMST International Night and check out our school’s biggest night of the year!
International Night is an annual tradition at GSMST. Over a thousand people come and learn about the different cultures the school contains. From North America to Latin America, Af-rica to Asia, and not forgetting Europe or the Caribbean, we display the highlights from each re-gion.

Admission is free this year! If you want to see the live performances from our very own GSMST students, then you must pay $5 two weeks prior to the event. However, you can also view the performances from the Main Level Lecture Hall and Lower Level Lecture Hall for free.

This year’s theme is Festivals, so all of the world’s celebrations will be displayed that night. A group of approximately 20 students, along with their teacher sponsor, Mr. Greg Field, plan decorations, activities, and food for each region. After four months of hard work, their me-ticulous planning, along with the help of hundreds of student volunteers, staff, and families, is shown beautifully on International Night.

GSMST is known around the county as a very diverse school. We have students from all different cultures, and International Night is the time when we all bond together and appreciate our different backgrounds. In addition to cultural appreciation, we also recognize that we are one body of people, the GSMST family, who are working towards our goals and dreams.

Please come and support GSMST on February 17th and celebrate our world during In-ternational Night!

Want to learn more? Check out the GSMST International Night instagram page