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College Admissions: Nerve-wracking, Exhausting and Rewarding

After reflecting on the last six months of my life, I can describe the college application process in four words: nerve-inducing, exhausting, and rewarding. I started my college application process at the beginning of August and the torture of writing essay after essay didn’t end until December 30th.

I was determined to enter the new year without the weight of college applications and endless “Why X University” questions on my shoulders. I didn’t feel any nerves after submitting all my applications;

I was just relieved that I had finished them all in time. However, March was here before I knew it, and it brought a bag of nerves with it!

All I thought about every day were the decisions that would determine if I got to come home on the weekends to shower in the privacy of my own bathroom or if I would be too busy frolicking around a new city exploring new sights.

Although I had been dreaming of my transition to an out-of-state university, the dream was not meant to become a reality. At first, I was saddened by the outcome. I had allowed my expectations to grow to a height that would only result in disaster when they came crashing back down to earth. But after taking in the reality of the situation, I began to look at the brightside. I had already been accepted to three colleges when I received the rejections in March and had been awarded a great scholarship by a university that I loved immensely!

From this experience, I’ve learned to never let any rejections make you feel less than you are. When you open up to the college admission counselors and receive a rejection letter, it may feel as if they are rejecting you as a person. However, the college admissions council does not have the power to decide your worth. Only you have that power. Additionally, I have learned to always keep my goals in mind. Even though I am unsure what I will be exploring in the future, I will strive to do my best so that I can look back on my actions and have no regrets!