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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes… They Also Wear Tutus!

GSMST Service Learning has saved the day again! But this time, it’s through tutus and capes!

In March, the Service Learning class had the founder of Tutu Capers, Barbara Mock, come and talk to the students about the project. She started the program in 2012 with a group of friends to create tutus and capes for foster care homes and hospitals. The students were motivated by her. According to Abbey Tilson, she was “very friendly and humble, telling us how her organization is still a grassroots organization and still has plenty of room for growth.”

“I think this event was very beneficial for both students and the Tutu Capers organization because many tutus were made for donation, while the participants also got a break from school stress to help out for a great cause,” said Kajal Patel, a Service Learning student.

The class had planned the events for weeks leading up to the Thursday before Spring Break. They faced some obstacles, including an original count of 16 volunteers before the event However, they pulled through, making many tutus and capes and reaching their goal.

“Perhaps the students have a heart of gold, but tables quickly filled with students eager to make tutus, and the event was a success! It warms my heart knowing that so many showed up for the sake of giving children a sense of hope,” said Edric Owusu, another Service Learning student.

The event brought many students together for a great cause! According to Leanna Nguyen, her favorite part “was to see a couple of boys from our school join even though it was more like a girl event. The boys made very beautiful tutus and even took pictures wearing them.” It just goes to say that people can band together to perform heroic acts that makes another life more magical.

Keep up the great work, Service Learning!

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