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Collins Hill Hosts Career Day

At Collins Hill, it is a well-known fact that the school has a variety of attributes under its belt. Though one must ask this question, “What will I do once I’m out of high school?”

Well, throughout Collins Hill there has always been a drive to achieve greatness. What better day to think about the future than on Career Day? October 19, 2017 was a day when students allowed themselves to truly start preparing for what is to come as they approach their final years of high school. Inside the school, various businesses and clubs were spotlighted, in order for students to get a general idea of the careers they may wish to work towards.

Many of the businesses present were that of the technology and engineering fields. Others, such as photography, journalism, and nursing caught the eyes of many students inside the building. All in all, the businesses and clubs not only gave insight into the world that awaits the students of Collins Hill, but was a great reminder of both the ambition and dedication it will take for high school kids to forge the path to get there.