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Students Experience Homecoming at Collins Hill

The homecoming dance is one of the most famous parts of the high school experience. A rite of passage in some minds, an annoyance to be avoided in others. People of all grade levels dress up in their finest outfits and have dinner at nice restaurants before making their way to their school. There, they are met with refreshments, loud music, and their peers.

Collins Hill hosted their homecoming dance on October 14th from 7:00pm-11:00pm. The theme of the night was New York, New York. The entrance to the school was decorated with paper skyscrapers and a red carpet for students to stand on as they walked into the commons area. The room was alive with hundreds of students enjoying themselves.

However, homecoming (and school dances in general) bode certain connotations. People purchase expensive clothing and go to pricy dinners in the name of homecoming, which is unnecessary but often quite enjoyable. Social media has glamorized elaborate dance proposals, which adds pressure to students. Going without a date is seen as something to be avoided at all costs, even if it means not going to the dance at all. One senior stated that, while he was not very interested in the dance in the first place, being dateless solidified the fact that he would not attend.

A sophomore who attended the dance expressed her excitement for the event. She viewed it as a way to participate in her school and show school spirit, seeing an abundance of positives for the dance. Despite her account of her freshman year homecoming being underwhelming, she was still eager for the experience of her second school dance.

Teachers observing from the outside also have strong opinions about the event. One teacher expressed her concerns about the week in general, stating that “some activities are a waste of time,” but also mentioning that she was not against the dances themselves. Her point of view surrounding the subject of dances changed from when she was a student to now, but she said that she noticed the culture surrounding the dances was about the same.

Homecoming is what the students make of it. Some students enjoy dressing up and dancing with their friends, while others prefer to stay at home and relax after a long week. As long as students follow their instincts as to how they want to spend their evenings on homecoming night, they cannot go wrong.