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Connecting Classroom Curriculum with the ‘Outside’ World

Shannon Costello is one of the two AP Psychology Teachers at Peachtree Ridge High school and has been at the school since 2005. Originally from the Midwest, Mrs. Costello was born, raised and educated in Illinois and Indiana. After working both in the marketplace and education in Illinois, Mrs. Costello and her husband moved to Gwinnett County where they reside with their family.

Mrs. Costello is very committed to contributing to PRHS and its distinguished record, both academically and as a sponsor for the TRIBE this year. Mrs. Costello is a Social Studies electives teacher. Her goal for teaching is to help students on their journey toward success. She believes that every student can learn and reach their potential. Mrs. Costello is honored to be in the position to assist in student achievement.

Since Peachtree Ridge runs on a 4×4 block schedule, I have only known Mrs. Costello since January. However, she has left a big impact on me through her lessons. Mrs. Costello connects the AP Psychology curriculum with our outside world, teaching and/or helping us realize valuable life lessons on why the world is the way it is. Her class is always energetic and full of lively discussion, as she doesn’t’ mind answering students’ questions about the world using psychological facts and information.

Mrs. Costello is also one of the sweetest teachers here at Ridge. She is always respectful to every student and even keeps snacks in her closet to make sure no student goes hungry in her class. The kindness and humor she uses in class keeps all of her students engaged and interested in her lessons.

Mrs. Costello is one of the most amazing teachers at Ridge, as she shows true dedication and care for her students’ education and takes pride in her work as a teacher. No one can ask for a better teacher than Mrs. Costello.