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Looking Ahead to all the ‘Lasts’

Next school year will be my last year at Peachtree Ridge. As I look ahead to next year, I can’t wait for my classes, my extracurriculars, and most importantly college decisions.

Next year, I will be in six AP classes, nine clubs, and three internships. Many people view that as overwhelming, but I always like having something to do, especially if it’s a challenge.

I am mostly excited, and saddened, to stat experiencing my ‘lasts.’ My last first day of high school. My last homecoming. My last rival Friday Night Lights. My last rival game between Peachtree Ridge and Collins Hill. My last Relay For Life Color Run. My last Trunk or Treat. My last time being in clubs that I’ve been in since freshmen year. My last Prom. My last day of classes. My last day of AP exams. My last day of high school. My last time being at the same school as all of my friends. My last time living in house before college move-in day.

High school does go by fast. I remember rolling my eyes at that statement freshmen year, but now it feels like just yesterday.

Despite everything coming to a close, I’m excited to open up a new chapter in my life. The beginning of senior year means the beginning of your future. You apply to colleges, figure out your major, and begin planning for the rest of your lifetime.

For myself particularly, I am hoping to get accepted to the University of Pennsylvania to study International business. I am looking forward to experiencing my lasts, while beginning to enter into a series of firsts. My first college acceptance. My first ever Prom. My first ever Senior Week. My first graduation ceremony. My first college move-in day. My first time living outside of home. My first roommate. My first day of college.

The 2018-2019 school year will be the end of one chapter of my life and the beginning of another, and I am ecstatic to begin a new chapter of my life.