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Digital Learning and E-Class Days Provide New Learning Environment

Digital Learning is an excellent method for schools closed due to inclement weather and other complications to ensure that students to stay up to date with their education. From the few digital learning days that have occurred in 2018, I have found it a very convenient and unpressured environment for students to interact with their teachers whilst being able to fully develop their continued education. While there may have been technical difficulties with the system, digital learning day provides a vicarious experience for a student to experience a day of college.

However, GSMST is no stranger to this system. Once every semester during early release days in September and February, GSMST students are assigned school work online due to the lack of transportation at the school. GSMST teachers are able to drive to the classroom while also having the liberty to assign and answer student’s questions to any assignment at any point of the day from home and from school. These days are known as “e-class days.”

I personally like the concept of having e-class days where there is limited pressure to get work completed while still having that feeling of a teacher behind you to urge you to complete your work.

Depending on the e-class day, the experience is different. Just last week ago on early release days, GSMST students completed all schoolwork and homework online. On February 21, the school’s first e-class day of the semester, I was able to comfortably sleep until 10:00 AM. Upon waking up, I leisurely ate breakfast and then started my work. By the time I completed all my work, the time was 5:00 PM. I had a free conscious and could spend the rest of my day in a relaxed manner. The same pattern followed the next day, February 22.

These e-class days really provide a way for students to have an easy, non-stressful learning environment that benefits both the teachers and the students.