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Suwanee Pediatrics: Dr. Odusina Builds Lifelong Patient Relationships

Gwinnett Magazine interns share what makes their personal “Best of Gwinnett” list – from Morgan Wood, Lanier High School.

Dr. Bolaji Odusina of Suwanee Pediatrics has been practicing for 32 years, forming strong relationships with her patients along the way. She explains that her father gave her a list of career options, including “pilot, engineer, and doctor.” Dr. Odusina chose the medical field because she felt it was the easiest and most fitting for her personality type and interests. However, once entering the field, she quickly fell in love with it, holding great value in “the knowledge [she has] and the difference [she makes].”

Over the span of these 32 years, Dr. Odusina has traveled to over ten countries around the world, including Germany, Nigeria, and Barbados, providing medical care to the people.

While maintaining her status as an excellent physician, Dr. Odusina does a phenomenal job of building lifelong relationships with her patients. Not only does she attend to each patient’s very unique medical concerns and necessities, she also makes a genuine effort to pay equal attention to the whole person, asking about current life events and giving any advice she may have on future endeavors. This allows Dr. Odusina to see her patients as more than their physical measurements and diagnoses, breaking through a sometimes-fortified divide between caregiver and patient.

This philosophy is evident in the ways that her staff goes about their days as well. Ms. Jennifer, a medical assistant at Suwanee Pediatrics, most values the aspects of her work that allow her to “get close to [her] patients.” When she has a patient who visits more frequently than most, Ms. Jennifer makes every effort to get to know the person on a more individual basis, having conversations about things beyond medicine, such as family, school, and extracurriculars.

Ms. Jennifer explains, “I am very caring, so I wanted to do something that would help others.” She does just that, fully embracing the environmental precedent that Dr. Odusina has set for her office. Dr. Bolaji and her staff truly are my personal Best of Gwinnett!