When it comes to personal care and beauty, Gwinnett has a secret hotspot that’s all about innovative skin care and a tailored tanning experience. B-Tan stands out in the Guide to Gwinnett, not merely for its services but for its commitment to an educated approach to tanning.

At B-Tan, the philosophy is simple yet profound: tanning should be as much about skin care as it is about achieving that sought-after glow. “We want our clients to feel informed and comfortable with their tanning choices,” says the owner. “It’s about providing a custom experience that aligns with each individual’s skin type and tanning goals.”

The salon is equipped with top-of-the-line Ergoline sunbeds, a name synonymous with quality and comfort in the tanning industry. These beds are designed to provide a uniform tan while offering a comfortable experience, and they are a perfect fit for anyone looking to achieve a long-lasting and natural-looking tan.

For clients who prefer a UV-free tanning method, B-Tan offers alternatives such as the Versa Spa Sunless Spray and the Infinity Sun Custom Airbrush. These services provide a streak-free application, resulting in an even tan that can be customized to the desired intensity.

B-Tan also believes in holistic skin care. This is where their Red-Light Therapy services make an appearance, providing clients with a treatment that supports skin regeneration and promotes collagen production. This service is perfect for those looking to enhance the overall health and appearance of their skin.

The salon also recognizes that a radiant smile complements a beautiful tan. Their teeth whitening service is a testament to their comprehensive approach to beauty and care, ensuring that clients leave not only with a refreshed look but also with a bright, confident smile.

“We provide our customers with the best tanning experience of their life, incorporating superior individualized customer service, the highest-quality equipment, unparalleled product knowledge, and competitive pricing in an extremely sanitary, exciting and comfortable environment,” the owner proudly states.

As part of the community, B-Tan is more than just a tanning salon; it’s a place where the staff takes the time to understand and meet the unique preferences and needs of each customer. The salon’s inclusion in the Guide to Gwinnett is a nod to its exceptional services and commitment to the community’s well-being.

Whether you’re new to tanning or an enthusiast looking to switch up your routine, B-Tan invites you to experience a world of difference in skin care and tanning. With its educated staff, bespoke services, and cutting-edge equipment, B-Tan is truly a gem within Gwinnett’s diverse and growing business landscape.

Website: https://www.b-tan.com/

Three Locations:

2085 Hamilton Creek Pkwy
Dacula, Georgia 30019
Tel: (770) 932-8933

2095 Highway 211 NW
Braselton, GA 30517
Tel: (770)-867-9996

1681 Old Pendergrass Rd
Jefferson, GA 30549
Tel: (706)-367-5300