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Do Gwinnett parents and students like digital learning?

The month of January was a bittersweet experience for many Gwinnett County students and parents. Due to the inclement weather making its way into the city, Gwinnett schools had no option but to close their doors for four days in the month of January.

However, that didn’t mean there was no school. On cyber learning days, students had to log onto the county server, eClass, and find the assignments for each of their classes. For some students, the experience was exhilarating while many thought it was overwhelming.

Many students complained about the exorbitant workload provided by teachers. They believed the days’ worth of assignments is something they don’t even do in class! Others worried about how to complete the assignments in the afternoon when the website kept crashing or was unable to load the content.

Parents, too, had very mixed feelings about the process. Some were delighted that the county was able to take initiative and provide the resources needed to have a successful school day. Many parents with younger children complained that the online system was a burden because it caused more work for the parents.

Many others applauded Gwinnett County schools for their response to keep children’s safety in mind while having a successful school day as well.