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Virtual Reality Gaming is a Hit in Gwinnett

Step aside arcade centers, a new type of gaming center has entered town! The city of Sugar Hill was proud to open its doors to VRX- a virtual reality gaming center offering family and friends of all ages a fun evening.

VRX is a virtual reality gaming center in Gwinnett. The center opened in summer of 2017 but has already gained quite an audience from all over the area and beyond. They have an array of games for all ages including Asteroid Blaster, Arizona Sunshine and so many more.

The center is great for family and friends to hang out. Each player is asked to enter a small cubicle with VR goggles and a remote paddle that works differently per each game. Once you have chosen the game you would like to play, you are submerged in a whole new world of virtual reality.

VRX has successfully introduced such a unique and innovative idea like virtual reality gaming into the heart of Gwinnett. It defies the average swipe and play arcade games and offers its services at nearly half the price!

People anxiously waited for its opening night party this summer where guests from all over the area were invited to attend their grand opening.

To learn more about VRX and all that it offers, please visit:

VRX Instagram: @vrxgames