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Donut Worry, Be Happy

You could be walking down the street in Duluth one day and duck into a storefront to get out of the heat, in search of refreshment. And if you happen to duck into Simply Done Donuts, you could end up with a donut milkshake in your hand.

You read that right: a donut milkshake, which consists of three plain donuts blended with vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream and… wait for it… a donut of your choice.

The shake is far from the only reason to pop into Simply Done Donuts. Perhaps you need a pick-me-up, in which case you can’t do better than their Need For Speed (house blend coffee with a double shot of espresso). Or maybe your husband is being cranky, and clearly needs a Man Bait donut (vanilla cake with maple icing and crumbled bacon).

You can’t make this stuff up… but the folks at Simply Done Donuts can.

Truth is, there are dozens of reasons you want to find yourself in Simply Done, from their made-to-order confections to their excellent fair trade coffee beverages. And consider the fact that they will put ice cream on almost anything, from donuts to lemonade. They’ll put espresso on your ice cream, and you’ll never want to leave.

Check out their menu online [], and keep an eye out for their Donut Wagon food truck (the schedule is on their site) and their catered events, where they can make donuts on the spot.

‘Donut worry, be happy,’ Karissa Norfleet told us when we asked her for her favorite piece of advice. Sounds about right.