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Financial Education With a Giving Spirit

No one embodies the Love Gwinnett spirit like Whitney White of My Interactive Finance.

“We should remember that what you give is what you get, so give positivity!” Whitney says. And this: “As a Financial Educator, I strive to help others realizing buying local is the simplest form of community service. By feeding our local economy, we help local families.”

What’s not to love?

My Interactive Finance is Whitney’s financial education firm, helping consumers make wise choices and helping businesses grow and keep their workforce educated. Her focus is on financial literacy and creating long-term wealth. And one way she gets there is by focusing on community.

“Working in and around Gwinnett is a reward in itself,” she says. “The community is so helpful and friendly.”

Of course, the businesses of every company is to help… solving problems, meeting needs, improving things. For Whitney, helping others inevitably pays dividends. “A famous quote from Zig Ziglar is ‘If you want to be successful, all you have to do is help others be successful,'” she says. “Helping others is the foundation of success.”

Visit her website to learn more.