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Eastside Medical Center: Committed to Care

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Advances in Cardiac Care
Elevating the Practice
Transforming Neurosurgery Care
‘All We Could Do Was Pray’
Evolving for Today’s Needs

For CEO Trent Lind and his team at Eastside Medical Center, delivering the highest quality healthcare is an artful balance.

We pride ourselves on being advanced in many ways offering a high level of scope of service, the best of technology and the best of facilities in the community. But at the same time, were still a community-based setting where people know each other, they enjoy working together. They collaborate to better the care in the community and thats what we aim for.

So far, Eastside is hitting the target with additions to their service including two new physician practicesEastside Heart and Vascular and Neurosurgery Atlanta24/7 obstetric hospitalist care and NICU coverage, and three new urgent care centers.

As we continue to grow and expand our services, says Lind, we become residents primary destination for care of all types.

The changes that Eastside has made have gone hand in hand with the changing diversity of the community it serves. Some changes may look unconventional. A new emergency room at Eastsides south campus a mere three miles away from home base, for instance. Why spend millions of dollars on what, on the surface, looks like a duplication of services?

Have you ever driven on 124, especially during the holiday season? asks Lind rhetorically. Add the ubiquitous traffic and occasional road construction of South Gwinnett, and a new ER looks like a strategic move. The patient response to that new access point of service bears it out.

We are seeing, on average, 30 to 40 patients a day visiting that campus for emergency services and that numbers only growing. And when patients find that what they thought was a minor problem turns into something bigger, they have easy access to a bigger system of care.

Its all about the patient experience, says Lind. How do we create a world class experience for our patients? Not just the highest level of quality, but also the highest level of service.

Patient feedback has shown that the community Eastside serves sees the hospitals commitment to care and witnesses this mission on a daily basis. That goes for Eastsides employees as well.

It makes people feel good to be part of an organization thats committed to purpose, says Lind.

Because for all the community changes and technological advances, the hospital business is still a people business. And thats something that will never change.

I cannot recall a time when I was more optimistic about the overall state of healthcare in Gwinnett County, based on the efforts and undeniable results of Eastside Medical Center. The level of involvement as to education, exposure, and most importantly, the addition of actual healthcare facilities has been phenomenal over the past few years. My opinion of Eastside is not one based entirely as a Board of Trustee member. Eastside has taken care of several of my family members and the service was impeccable. I am proud to have such a first-class facility in our community.