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Advances In Cardiac Care

You hear, “It’s your heart,” and you have one thought. ‘I want the best – the best doctor, the best technology, the latest techniques and most advanced treatment.’

The leadership team at Eastside Medical Center is on the same page – they officially opened their hybrid-operating suite in April, a $2.5 million investment on behalf of the hospital to improve patient care.

The new state-of-the-art hybrid operating room (OR) will allow new surgical utilizations for cardiology (especially electrophysiology), vascular surgery, and other advanced surgical complexities. The hybrid OR combines advanced imaging capability with a fully functioning operating suite. This new advanced technology will benefit patients and the community by offering advanced surgical options in the cardiovascular arena close to home.

“Over the last few decades, cardiology has grown by leaps and bounds. Cardiac electrophysiology is a sub-specialty of cardiology, which deals with rhythm problems,” explains Dr. Niraj Sharma, Electrophysiology Medical Director.

“Some of these are just a mere inconvenience; however, others, such as atrial flutter as well as fibrillation can cause palpitations or shortness of breath as well as devastating strokes. Other rhythm disorders called supraventricular tachycardia or SVT, are common in all age groups and can cause palpitations, dizziness and shortness of breath,” says Dr. Sharma.

The new state of the art cardiac electrophysiology lab at Eastside Medical center will allow physicians to diagnose and treat these rhythm disorders, by performing a procedure called ablation. This procedure uses small catheters to cauterize the abnormal tissue in the heart.  Usually these procedures are performed in an outpatient setting.