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Educating the Future Workforce Today

To provide students an early link between academic knowledge and career focus and skills, seven Gwinnett County high schools have been transformed into College and Career Academies. These schools provide students with a rigorous curriculum delivered through the lens of a career.

"As schools prepare young people for college, careers, and life, it’s become increasingly important that our students make connections between what they’re learning in the classroom and how they can apply their
learning in the real world," says, Jody Reeves, executive director of Academies, Career and Technical Education for Gwinnett County Public Schools. "The academy model provides a personalized learning environment, mentors, and challenging experiences that connect students with the postsecondary major or work world of their future."

Academy schools focuses on areas like, Arts & Communication, Business & Marketing, Healthcare & Human Services, Public
Service, Law & Education, Science, and Technology & Engineering. Participating high schools include:

  • Central Gwinnett High School
  • Berkmar High School
  • Discovery High School
  • Lanier High School
  • Meadowbrook High School
  • Shiloh High School
  • South Gwinnett High School