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Empowering Lawrenceville Students & Businesses Through Community-Building!

These days, we tend to stick to our bubbles more than we’d like to admit (and not just ‘cause of the pandemic). Whether it’s Gen X-er’s or Gen Z-er’s, high schoolers or retirees, small business owners or community organizers, there’s so much untapped potential that we’re missing out on due to a lack of interaction and collaboration between the groups.

That’s why the City of Lawrenceville and workforce development nonprofit Impact46 joined forces to tackle this issue, creating brand-new opportunities and building meaningful community connections along the way! The result was the Summer of Impact, a yearly program that pairs high schoolers with small businesses in Lawrenceville for paid summer internships. The program is a true win-win for the entire community – creating early career opportunities for our talented local high schoolers, helping employers gain perspective on the next workforce generation and building meaning relationships that never existed before!

Listen to this very special episode of the Lawrenceville Bicentennial Podcast with Impact46 Executive Director Jen Young, Lawrenceville Community Development Manager Jasmine Billings and former Summer of Impact intern and Discovery High School Senior Nicole Egwuatu as they discuss the community-building magic of the Summer of Impact program!