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Endodontics With a Soft Touch

Darlene Davis describes her entry into the world of medicine, as a candy striper at age 13, in reverent but almost excited terms.

“I took in all exciting the sights the hospital had to offer: busy Physicians discussing cases, happy families welcoming newborns, specimen jars full of unknown exotic materials, and most memorable was a pregnant woman who barely made to the front door before having the baby at the check-in desk,” she says. “Piece by piece these sights helped shape my future, how I would treat others and who I would become later in life.”

The care you hear behind those words manifests itself every day in her practice at Soft Touch Endodontics in Suwanee.

“We appreciate the trust patients place in us,” Davis says. “The greatest gift we can give them in return is our time, attention and compassion.”

Soft Touch focuses on “exceptional care in a gentle manner,” supported by up-to-date practices and technology, such as the Cone Beam CT scanner they’re about to add for producing 3-D digital images that “revolutionized the way we visualize the structures of the mouth.”

Davis also gives back to her community by volunteering her services to indigent patients through Dentistry From the Heart, and by caring for Military Reserve Service Members one weekend a month at Dobbins AFB.

“I love that Gwinnett County strives to be inclusive and endeavors to continue to make things better for all of us,” Davis says. Based on that, she fits right in.