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Equality in Unity for All

Within the past decades, united as a country we have all gone through many hardships – the 9/11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, the Great Recession, and the Sandy Hook shootings, for instance. Although the events happened in many different states, they impacted all of us, and affected us to make a change.

It has been many years since those events happened. Yet it is now 2017, and this most controversial topic in all of America is still alive and breathing. Racism is a never-ending hole in the ground that just keeps getting deeper the more the country debates about it. On August 12, 2017 a rally was held on a university campus in Charlottesville, Virginia, to take down the statue of America’s Confederate icon, General Robert E. Lee. Violence erupted, and the resulting deaths and injuries show we haven’t gotten any better on controlling this.

We all need to come together, and although it seems impossible for many at this point, what the country needs is hope. The power of social media is uniting many of us and causing us to create campaigns and peaceful protests, allowing us to become in touch with people in all areas of the world to come together and unite! This country needs to talk, and for the past few years it seems like it has been all violence. The more we can all communicate with each other the more we can all find a solution to our problem.

Although we know it may not go completely away, we all need a way to decrease the amount of hatred in this country. This generation now has to set an example on how we choose to treat things like this for our younger generations. America needs to spread more love, and less hate; teach your siblings, friends, family, and even strangers how important it is for all of us to come together and unite as one.