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Experience the Scare of the Year with NETHERWORLD’s newest attractions

It’s the scariest time of the year!

Stone Mountain-based NETHERWORLD Haunted House is open for haunt fans and thrill-seekers this Halloween season. Known worldwide for their nightmare-inducing haunted houses, NETHERWORLD‘s terrifying themes for this year’s haunted houses, NIGHT OF THE GORGON and COLD BLOODED, are sure to shock those brave enough to enter.

Featuring movie-quality props and two haunted houses this year, it will take guests more than an hour to complete both haunts.

“We saw amazing potential in this year’s haunt themes to delve into areas that we hadn’t experimented with before,” said NETHERWORLD Co-Founder Ben Armstrong. “NETHERWORLD is known for innovation in the haunted house industry, and with crazy new scares, stunning sets and jaw-dropping effects, this season is going to show that creativity once again.”

NIGHT OF THE GORGON features The Massive Thing from the Deep, the Bone-Crunching Stone Colossus, the All-Seeing Terrors from the Sky, and more massive monster action, shocking scares and incredible sets and effects than ever before will leave you astounded.

COLD BLOODED highlights flesh-eating dinosaurs, the Terror Pteranodon, and other prehistoric mutants who’ve been spliced with the DNA of reptilian alien subjects. Will this twisted experimentation create a new form of warrior able to win on any battlefield or is the entire project being manipulated by inhuman forces dedicated to the subjugation of mankind? One thing is certain: the results are savage, extremely dangerous, and virtually unstoppable.

Not feeling up to fighting monsters and nearly passing out? Netherworld has recently added a laser tag arena and an escape room game, perfect for those with a low threshold for scares!

NETHERWORLD is located in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Prices range between $20 and $60.

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