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Fall Back in Love with Reading! A How-To Guide

Written by Jaiden Arada, Converge multimedia journalism intern and Senior at Cherokee Bluff High School

Reading can be a really fun and entertaining activity, but people often have a hard time getting into it. Oftentimes, the stress of being forced to read a book takes the enjoyment out for the reader. During busy work weeks, stress or exhaustion can make it hard for people to set aside time to read.

And during the school year, it can be tough for students to find the right books for them since they are already having to read required material. This how-to article will help you find the right steps to jump back into the fun that is reading.

Finding Your Genre

Each book is conveying a different message. It is up to the person reading who decides what kind of content they want to receive. Depending on the person’s mood and taste, this can look very different to different people. If a person is longing for something in their life, maybe a romance novel could be a good pick.

If a person likes challenges and wants to keep reading to find answers, a great mystery book is always out there. If a person is wanting self-improvement in their life, a lifestyle book would come in handy. The person needs to ask themselves what they are looking to get out of the experience and move forward from there.

Talk to Peers

The next step I recommend would be to communicate with people who have similar interests. Reaching out online may be the easiest way to find other people who are reading the same books. There is an app called Goodreads that allows for communication between users commenting about different books. It allows readers to review different books and voice their opinions.

Visit a Bookstore

The best way to see a collection of books is in a bookstore. Seeing all the different books in one setting can be overwhelming at first, but it gives the reader a ton of options to choose from. Asking the store attendants can help the reader find the book that they are looking for.

Taking these steps can help the person become a better reader. Hopefully this guide will help readers better understand how reading can be fun and not always forced!