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Fill Your Stomach with Love

This past Valentine’s Day, GSMST’s Relay For Life held its annual Valentine’s Day breakfast. This gave students and teachers alike a chance to celebrate a holiday that can either be joyous or depressing.

As an officer in the GSMST Relay For Life team, the preparation put into the Valentine’s Day breakfast allowed me to distract fellow single high school students from thinking about the lack of chocolates, teddy bears, and flowers they would be receiving on this special day. The RFL office leaders spent weeks spreading the word about the breakfast and asking for donations. We tempted students with volunteer hours in exchange for delectable goods for the study body to feast on that lovely morning.

The Valentine’s Day Breakfast cost only $5 for students to attend and consisted of a buffet of breakfast foods and desserts. Mr. Brown cooked a wonderful breakfast scramble that included fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and a perfect blend of cheese that powered students through the day. The main attraction for some GSMST students were the Chick-fil-A biscuits they received when they pre-paid the days before at lunch. Students filled their plates with homemade fudge brownies with peanuts and Krispy Kreme donuts while enjoying free time with their friends. The Valentine’s Day Breakfast gave students the chance to take a break from the frustrations and heavy workload that they must confront once they walk into first period.

This isn’t the only Relay For Life event this semester that will allow GSMST students to come together and have a good time while eating loads of food. The upcoming GSMST Bingo game and RFL annual event in May will showcase the effort that the GSMST Relay For Life team puts into raising money for cancer research and the support of cancer patients. The success of the Valentine’s Day Breakfast and great time experienced by everyone will lead to many events like this in the next school year.