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Suwanee’s SculpTour: Where Lifeless Forms Bring Life to You

If you are prepared to face the whipping afternoon winds, you need to head down to the Suwanee SculpTour located in the Suwanee Tour Center Park. Around the perimeter of the park, you will be greeted by unique and entertaining sculptures that will demand your full attention!

After walking around the park and experiencing the tour for myself, I can say that the featured sculptures are a sight to see. When I first arrived, I noticed a sculpture titled Fighting for Alpha by Todd Frahm. At first glance, I thought it featured two genetically engineered bird fish that were chasing each other in circles. Of course, after I did some research, I discovered there was a much deeper meaning intended by the artist rather than to present a whimsical image for the audience to peer upon. Frahm, a sculptor, and co-owner of Stone Cloud Studio in Asheville, North Carolina, states that the fish sculpture represents the useless and never-ending struggle for dominance. Although this may not be the first thought that comes to someone’s mind when first seeing this sculpture, the author’s intention behind the artwork is evident.

My personal favorite piece in the SculpTour is When the Stars Begin to Fall by Charlie Brouwer. I was entranced by the human figure covered in stars looking in awe towards the heavens. Brouwer’s inspiration for the piece was an old African-American spiritual about the dramatic moment of change which starts with the line “My Lord what a morning when the stars begin to fall.” Brouwer’s wonder-inducing artwork has been shown across the United States and all over the globe in countries such as Australia, Hungary, and Poland.

Gwinnett citizens can experience these unique pieces and much more at the SculpTour which will be open until 2019! This will give you the opportunity to leisurely explore the artwork during warmer months instead of turning into a popsicle in the cold winter months. However, the tour is an experience worth facing the winds and is one of the best exhibits Gwinnett has to offer.