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Finding Relief From Chronic Pain

You naturally have strong feelings about your pain, and it’s important to look for help from physicians who are equally passionate about relieving pain. That’s what you find at Georgia Pain and Wellness Center.

Their board-certified pain management physicians use a multi-modal approach to determine an individualized plan to treat each patient’s pain symptoms. “Patients suffering from chronic joint, neck and back pain come to us first to try minimally invasive pain management options to relieve their pain and restore their lives before considering surgery,” says Tamara Brinckman, Marketing Director.

The center specializes in treating a variety of chronic pain conditions and have extensive experience in treating degenerative conditions of the spine, multiple arthritic conditions, cancer pain, and other chronic pain disorders. Providing the patient with the latest options in technology and treatment allows the patient to have the best opportunity for the most positive outcomes.

“There are many new and cutting-edge pain management options available for our patients suffering from all types of pain,” Tamara says. “Epidurals, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy and Spinal Cord Stimulation are just a few of the minimaly invasive options Georgia Pain and Wellness Center offers to treat those patients in pain.”

Georgia Pain and Wellness has eight locations in metro Atlanta, but they have a special feeling for Gwinnett.

“We love Gwinnett!” says Tamara. “The people here are kind, passionate and dedicated to their community. Doors are held open for each other, greetings are made both coming and going, and southern hospitality is in abundance!”

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