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Finding Unity After Charlottesville

Children viewing the Martin Luther King, JR. World Peace rose garden in Atlanta, GA. Photo by Asia Pittman.

In the town of Charlottesville, Virginia, August 12th was a day that won’t be forgotten. After the “unite the right” rally turned violent and made headlines nationwide, it’s becoming harder to ignore the violence and negativity that’s circling that memorable event. It’s easy to think that your actions can’t affect today’s society, but there are three easy ways to stimulate a sense of unity and comfort.

Use Your Voice
Yes, the saying “you learn to be hateful” is true. Use your knowledge and voice to educate the younger generation. They are our future and if they are exposed to hate and discrimination, that attitude will go back into our world. This involves saying something when you see something. Educating isn’t always for those younger than us. If you see someone being prejudiced, speak up. You could be part of a cycle of educating that could help bring people together.

Have an Open Mind
No matter what the opinion is, anyone is entitled to their own. There are at least two sides to everything and you can’t assume who is right or wrong because it will lead to divergence. Instead of presuming that the other side is wrong, try listening to opposing views to get an understanding and lessen the gap of division.
Don’t Fear Unfamiliarity

Sure, we are all human and we all need food and water, but the fact is — we come from different backgrounds and cultures. Don’t fear that; instead embrace diversity. Absorb different cultures and eliminate the idea of stereotypes.

In the top photo: Student in Atlanta viewing the King center. Photo by Asia Pittman.