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Four Prototype Prime Companies Get a Strong Start in Peachtree Corners

It was a scary good Friday the 13th for four Prototype Prime companies as their founders were issued their business licenses from the city of Peachtree Corners, GA.

Thanks to a new city ordinance, any new businesses that use one of Peachtree Corners’ many incubator spaces as their headquarters are exempt from paying business fees to the city for the first three years or until their gross profits exceed $1 million.

The founders and their businesses are as follows:

Jonathan Fountain, CEO, The Flow Marketplace ( The Flow is a community driven website for the outdoor sports and activities world. Its members have access to a marketplace, events, reviews, and original content sections for a nominal fee. “For me personally, [being issued a free business license] is one of the many benefits of working in Peachtree Corners,” Fountain says. Receiving the business license is “a great first step” for him and the company, he said.

Aly Hussaini, CEO, Stooge ( Stooge is a mobile app that enables event organizers to engage with their audience throughout the event’s lifecycle. Being awarded a free business license “converts your project into a real business,” Hussaini said after the event. Regarding Prototype Prime and its relationship with the city of Peachtree Corners, he said, “Having those resources and commitment from Peachtree Corners lets you know that everyone is on board, from mentoring to providing you resources that help you succeed.”

Shannon Evanchec, Co-Founder & CEO, Drinkably ( Drinkably is a safe water advocacy and consulting group focused on point-of-use testing and data monitoring for homeowners and businesses. “Having a home at P2 and with the city of Peachtree Corners is extremely advantageous as a first time entrepreneur,” she said afterward.

Brandon Hall, CEO, Synapse energy drink ( Synapse is a naturally derived herbal supplement offering brilliance on demand. “It’s nice to be in a city and a workspace that is as devoted to our success as we are,” he said afterward.

Prototype Prime is a 501c3 non-profit hardware and software startup incubator located in Peachtree Corners, GA. The multifaceted building houses a design & development lab with two 3-D printers and multiple startups from single founders to growing teams. The facility also boasts a podcast room and event space, which are both available for rent.