Good Shepherd Roofing stands as a beacon of old-fashioned work ethic in a modern marketplace. This isn’t your average roofing company; it’s a testament to a lineage of craftsmen and craftswomen who valued the crease of a well-used tool belt and the satisfaction of a job done right.

The backstory of GSR is as textured as the materials they work with. “We grew up with the philosophy that hard work and integrity weren’t just nice words, but the very pillars of a well-lived life,” shares the owner, whose hands, no doubt, have experienced the weight of a hammer as much as the heft of a business plan. The GSR team learned the ropes — quite literally — in the homes and hearts of the communities that today form their client base.

They saw a gap, a yearning for a roofing service that didn’t vanish with the storm clouds. So, they set out to fill it. “We wanted to be the kind of roofing company that our grandparents would be proud of — rooted in honesty, stellar customer service, and unwavering dedication,” the owner reflects.

GSR isn’t in the business of hard sells or storm-chasing. They’ve built something more enduring: trust. With a design center that feels more like a community hub, they invite locals to not just choose materials but to learn about building systems that are important to their homes and businesses. From simple pipe boot repairs to sophisticated roof builds with complicated material installations, they’ve nailed the sweet spot between comprehensive care and community service.

Their services are as varied as the needs of Gwinnett’s residents — from the bustling commercial operator in need of a TPO roofing solution, to a multi-family operator or HOA seeking a community roof replacement, to a family looking to navigate the choppy waters of insurance claims for a new roofing system. And let’s not forget about the gutters, an often-overlooked hero in the story of home maintenance. GSR doesn’t just install them; they celebrate them with a variety of high-quality guards, colors and seamless systems available.

In a nod to their roots, GSR’s story is interlaced with the Guide to Gwinnett, a publication by The Gwinnett Magazine that highlights local businesses and community initiatives.

For Good Shepherd Roofing, every project is more than a transaction; it’s an opportunity to extend a kind word, a gesture, or a helping hand. “We’re not just in the business of roofing,” says the owner, “we’re in the business of building a legacy of trust, one roof at a time.” It’s this commitment to their craft and their community that has elevated them from a service to a cornerstone of Gwinnett County.


Contact: 833-477-7663


Location: 2505 2nd Avenue, Dacula, GA 30019