Melissa Probst may be a master of numbers, but her real talent lies in turning tax codes into tailored solutions for her clients in Northeast Atlanta. Her firm, brimming with a decade’s worth of experience from large public accounting firms, now offers a personal touch to the often- impersonal world of finance.

A Magna cum laude graduate and a distinguished member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Melissa’s credentials are as impressive as they come. She holds dual licensure as a CPA in Kentucky and Georgia, and her name is increasingly synonymous with expert tax planning and financial statement preparation in the Peach State.

But Melissa’s work goes beyond the balance sheets. As an Elite Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor®, she offers a suite of services that encapsulate incorporation, CFO services, payroll, and sales tax reporting. The firm also focuses on individual tax planning, a critical aspect of personal financial management that has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of taxable income, thereby increasing the amount of money available for savings, investment, or other uses.  It’s a full-service approach designed for the unique tapestry of needs that small businesses and individual clients bring to her doorstep.

“I believe in empowering my clients with the knowledge and strategies they need to succeed,” Melissa says. “Whether it’s a startup looking for incorporation advice or an established company needing nuanced tax strategy, my goal is to add value well beyond the numbers.”

This ethos of tailored service and client empowerment also finds its way into the pages of the “Guide to Gwinnett,” published by The Gwinnett Magazine. This annual publication, known for spotlighting local excellence, serves as a trusted compass for community members and business owners alike. Within its pages, Melissa’s expertise is a featured beacon for those navigating the complexities of financial management.

The “Guide to Gwinnett” is where local narratives meet professional insights. It’s a place where Melissa’s advisory acumen doesn’t just get listed but gets a story – one that intertwines with the ambitions and successes of her clients.

Whether she’s mapping out a tax return or setting up a robust accounting system, Melissa’s clients praise her for clear communication, a trait often rare in the field of accountancy. Her knack for breaking down fiscal jargon into understandable language has made her a sought-after name in the community.

Melissa Probst’s CPA firm may just be the financial ally that Gwinnett’s individuals and businesses didn’t know they needed. As one client aptly puts it, “Melissa doesn’t just do your taxes; she teaches you about them in a way that makes you feel like a partner in the process.”

In the fabric of Northeast Atlanta’s bustling economy, Melissa Probst is a thread of expertise and trust, weaving through and pulling together the financial narratives of those she serves with precision and care. And as every good magazine article conveys a sense of place, Melissa’s story is deeply rooted in the local soil – a testament to her commitment to the community and the personal touch she brings to the world of numbers.


Contact: 678-714-8052


Location: 1400 Buford Highway
Suite L-3
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

Now, more than ever, it is necessary to have a top-notch tax professional to navigate the confusion, advise, and accurately optimize your tax advantages.