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Guardians of Privacy

Rest easy. These guys are on watch 24/7.

Here are a couple of questions to keep you up at night: Has technology made your life more convenient, with devices that can retrieve information from all over the globe with a click? Or has instant access to information and the threat of hackers who can read that same information added an extra layer of stress to your life? The answer is: Probably a little of both.

That’s why in 2005 Brightside IT was born, a cyber security company like no other. Different how? Medical practices are their specialty. If your healthcare providers have put their technology systems in Brightside’s hands, you, the patient, can rest easy that your most private information is safe.

“So many things must be considered,” says Brightside IT founder and CEO, Rich Hervig. “The patient’s privacy being at the top of the list. Even down to the smallest detail, protecting patient information is top priority. We build the networks, servers, security and email systems, and websites––anything the practice might need or want.”

Brightside is an expert in a wide range of services from cyber security to disaster recovery and business continuity––everything that, in high tech times such as these, helps you sleep at night.

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