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Guide to Gwinnett: Banks & Credit Unions

“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought, and this is sincerity and integrity.”
-Douglas Adams

Deciding where to put your hard-earned money and who to trust with your financial dealings is a big choice. You want strength, stability and above all, an institution that values your business_and shows it.

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Picking a Partner for Dollars and Sense

No matter how big your bottom line, you need a top notch financial partner.

Say you’re a coffee importer, manufacturer, packager, distributor, and roaster all in one. You’re buying coffee beans from Central American farmers at ten times the fair-trade price so those farmers can make a decent wage, and your whole purpose for even existing is to fund your affiliated church’s operations so that that church can use its tithes to fund missions and community involvement. Oh, and you need to make a profit.

That’s the unique set of challenges facing Phoenix Roasters in Duluth, a ten year-old business that needed to partner with a bank that understood the value of personal relationships. Or in the words of Phoenix co-founder Greg Sweatt, “We needed a bank that would trust us as a church and support us as a business.”

George Liu found that same connection when his EverMark Building Products came to BrandBank for help in securing money to grow the company. EverMark is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of doors but when it came to Liu’s relationship with his former bank, getting through their door was tough. Says Liu about BrandBank, “They value relationships.”

It’s that kind of commitment to their local area that BrandBank says sets them apart from the megabanks. That and their reputation for service, something reflected in their recognition by Customer Service Profiles as #1 Best-in-Class in customer service.

“We do not have a call-center in some faraway place or a loan committee at corporate headquarters in another state; we are right here in your community and have been since 1905,” says BrandBank CEO Bartow Morgan, Jr.

BrandBank thinks of their company as a bank with a family atmosphere where employees know customers’ names. They actually are a family bank in the truest sense. Morgan, the CEO, is the great-great-grandson of the founder, E.M. Brand, who made loans to farmers on the steps of the county courthouse in Lawrenceville. When told he had to move, he did–a few feet away on the square, where that original office still stands, using cutting edge technology beyond anything E.M. Brand could imagine while retaining that old-fashioned feeling of community.


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