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Gwinnett At Its Finest

The best part of Gwinnett County is the great diversity that is always visible regardless of where in Gwinnett you are, alongside the incentives for people to live in Gwinnett County.

The part of Gwinnett that I live in is Lawrenceville. In Lawrenceville, there are people of all different races, many of whom I am friends with. People of different cultures, religions and races run businesses all over Gwinnett County. When I step into a Wal-Mart or a Home Depot, I see people of several different backgrounds – reflecting Gwinnett County’s acceptance of all people regardless of background.

The diversity found in Gwinnett County serves to attract even more people from around the world. As Gwinnett County continues to be advertised as a county with great diversity, the economy will see a large boost in new businesses and revenue coming in. People of different cultures will be able to meet and interact and introduce themselves. Just think about it! Two people from very different countries with very different backgrounds able to meet one another face to face without having to leave the comfort of the county they live in.

As we head into the future, Gwinnett County’s diversity will continue to grow until sometime in the future the county reaches its maximum population possible with people from all over the world.