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Karate Atlanta Putting Their Best Foot Forward

Karate Atlanta at Suwannee is an amazing business that is designed to teach anyone who wants to study taekwondo and develop discipline. It was opened in 2003 and has been running since. But what makes Karate Atlanta so special?

Karate Atlanta hosts approximately 250 students, whose ages range all the way from 4 to 60, from all over the county. Students can earn belts from a white belt to a 5th-degree black belt (wow!). In the center, all the disciples practice with equipment such as nunchucks, combat sticks, bow staffs, swords, and much more.
Every person goes on a path of self-improvement from the very first lesson, and their journey is guided by the wonderful teachers. Jason Lower, fifth-degree black belt, has been the center manager since August 2008. Sharon Boo first-degree black belt is the program director. Noah Coppedge, third-degree black belt, Mason Turpin, third-degree black belt, Brittany Mooney, third-degree black belt, and Kellee Fishback, fourth-degree black belt, are also integral parts of the program. As it can be seen by their belts, they are all highly passionate about the art and are dedicated to teaching students how to master taekwondo as well.

Mr. Lower says that he is passionate about his job because he can see the difference in the physical and mental state of his students before and after joining the program. He also enjoys watching their change in discipline, and whenever someone masters a technique, he believes “it’s exhilarating.”
Next time you want to consider something new to try, head to Karate Atlanta at Suwannee and see the magic of taekwondo there!

Interested in learning more? Email Karate Atlanta at Suwannee at or call at 6787140000. Or visit their website at

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