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Gwinnett Commuting, By the Numbers

Think your commute is great? Terrible? Longer (or shorter) than average? For a clear picture of the commuter’s situation in Gwinnett, have a look at the interactive charts below.

Based on infromation compiled by data visualization company Graphiq and shown on their FindTheHome vertical search engine, these charts give you a snapshot of several key aspects of our county’s drive time.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Gwinnettians are more likely to drive to work than Atlantans, Geogians, or Americans in general. Or that commute times in Gwinnett are longer than in metro Atlanta. But it’s still fun to dig in to the details.

For example, very few county residents walk to work, comparatively more work from home than the national average.

In terms of commute times, super-short commutes are, surprisingly, a little shorter than the metro area, while exceptionally long commutes are a lot more common than metro, Georgia, or national averages.