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Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District Announces $27 Million Expansion

In a vote on Tuesday, June 7, the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners approved expansion of the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District’s (GPCID) boundaries. The expansion includes six land parcels with a total fair market value of almost $27 million and brings GPCID’s membership to 245 commercial properties.

The commercial property owners joining GPCID in the 2016 expansion are all located in unincorporated Duluth at the following addresses: 1600 Executive Drive, 1705 Executive Drive, 3805 Crestwood Parkway, 3885 Crestwood Parkway, 3801 Breckinridge Boulevard and 1760 Pineland Road.

“The investment and involvement of commercial property owners is the lifeblood of GPCID, and we are pleased to welcome our newest members who are contributing to our ongoing effort to expedite mobility, quality of life and economic improvement strategies for the benefit of businesses, employees and visitors to Gwinnett’s central business district,” said Joe Allen, executive director – Gwinnett Place CID.

The $27 million expansion brings the total value of the GPCID to an estimated $617,211,400, and is the CID’s fourth geographical expansion since it was founded in 2005.

“We have witnessed the mobility improvements, transportation projects and security enhancements GPCID has brought about in the area and decided to have the Crestwood Pointe I and II properties be a part of the District’s continued growth by joining the organization,” said Steve Berman, Founder of OA Development. “We look forward to further promoting the area and bringing about even more positive change.”