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Having a Baby During a Pandemic

What it must be like to be a soon-to-be parent in the COVID-19 era. No matter when it happens, becoming a parent is a truly unique time, full of emotions. So, what is it like for the Moms that still have to travel to hospitals to give birth? Well, its scary. There is a pandemic going on after all. That is a fear that our guests Dr. Edmund Kim and Dr. Rebecca Williams will speak to on today’s episode. Even if you are not expecting, odds are you have someone you can share today’s show with to make them feel a bit better about their situation.


Here are some of our favorite take away’s from our conversation today:

Rebecca Williams, MD.

So yeah, mom’s are definitely freaking out.
“Your first job as a new mom is to protect your child and you feel like you’re having a hard time figuring out how to protect yourself at this time. And so obviously there’s definitely a lot of worry and angst there … Northside Gwinnett is doing an awesome job in our labor delivery unit, we thank God are still allowing one support person to come with people to the hospital.” – Dr. Rebecca Williams

Edmund Kim, MD

Our patients are family and we want to be there for them in this time.
“Our name is Maternal Gynerations, but not only is it taking care of generations of patients, but the interesting thing is we’re on a new generation of physicians in the practice too. So the three doctors that founded our practice, Drs. Hood, Weast, and Heron, all have retired in the past year. And so now it’s the new generation of physicians that are kind of taking over the practice and taking care of the next generation of patients here in Gwinnett County, which I think is kind of cool.” – Dr. Edmund Kim

Families are still making it special and finding ways to celebrate.
“I had a patient a couple of weeks ago that delivered and it was her first baby and her husband did an amazing job for her. But her mom was like, “I am not missing out on this.” Her mama came up there. She drove in from Alabama and she tailgated outside of her window.” – Dr. Rebecca Williams.

And of course we had to discuss…next years rebound projections.

Nate McGill:
This is the most unique thing to ever happen in any of our business lives, in our lives period. And so, I mean there’s a whole lot I don’t even know what to do except for to try to stay positive and look towards what the rebound’s going to be. But the outlook for you guys, statistically speaking, is that next year should be a pretty good year for you because they’re saying that everybody is… well, what else are you going to do?
You know what I mean?

Dr Rebecca Williams:
Yeah, exactly. Just love on each other. We’ll take care of the rest.

Nate McGill:
So in nine months you guys better start preparing for this rebound that’s about to happen because you guys are going to have your hands busy.

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