Hey! Did you get the memo? It’s Mandatory Planning Season.

You always hear about business and how you’re supposed to be a good planner and you’ve got to have a business plan and you have to have your one-year plan, your two-year plan, your three-year plan. Right now I’m trying to cope with my three-day plan and what’s even more challenging is what day is it, right? We don’t do good just sitting around and being idle waiting on things because the entrepreneurial spirit is one where you get up and hustle every day. So the way I’m looking at right now is like it is a mandatory planning and vision time for business.

In my business, I always look forward to a holiday season, Christmas time, because it was a rare time when the whole world kind of shut down a little bit and I felt like it could shut down my whole company for a week.

Well now, it’s kind of the same thing, only it’s April, and we’ve got more than a week. So I just want to encourage you to get your planning hat on. You can plan what it’s going to be like to rebound and bounce back after all this. You can think through product and service offerings. You can think through things that weren’t going well and think about things that you might want to offer in a new economy. So use it, the time. Let’s use the time effectively to plan.

When I start the process of strategic planning I like to think of it in simple terms.

1. ) What are the things that you were doing now that you want to keep doing?

2.) What are some things that you are doing as you think, man, I need to stop doing this.

3.) And lastly, what are new things, things you’ve never done before that you think you ought to dial into the mix?

So what are you doing that you want to keep doing? What have you been doing that’s insane and you need to stop. And what new ventures, what new services do you need to launch your business again?

I want to just encourage you, that’s all. You to keep fighting. Don’t give up. Don’t get down and out. Just keep your optimism. There’s going to be a rebound. We are going to bounce back. It’s going to take time. But let’s be constructive right now. Let’s plan, plan, plan, think, think, think, right? You are creative. That’s why you got into business to start with. Just use your creative brain and plan. You all hang in there. Stay tough. And we will talk to you again soon!