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Gwinnett Magazine Heroes Project 2016: Cindy Hendler

“I’m determined not to waste my life. I use every moment I have.”
– Cindy Hendler

CindyThree years ago, Cindy Hendler’s world changed forever after diagnostic tests confirmed the worst news – malignant breast cancer. Quick treatment decisions branched into a confusing maze of options involving surgical plans, physicians, post-surgery therapies and reconstruction treatments. “It frightens everyone,” the 47-year-old said.

Hendler simplified her strategy to tackle only one event at a time by first undergoing a mastectomy and postponing reconstruction. “It was all I could handle. You just want to get rid of cancer so you can live.” With no regrets she states, “I love my decision. It was the best for me.”

Dealing with cancer also turned her life around in other ways as well. “You quickly learn to separate what’s important from what’s not important. After cancer treatment, Hendler says her entire life shifted. “I love things on a different level now. I’m determined not to waste my life, I use every moment I have.”

Hendler said cancer treatment was a “journey” for her. “You choose to let it take you down or lift you up. It will end, it will be over, and you will come out the other side.” Cindy Hendler not only survived cancer but continues to work in her own business, gets regular exams and lives life to the fullest.