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Heroes Project 2019: Jerry Edel

“Cancer is scary… but catching it early helps”

Jerry Edel owes his cancer diagnosis to his wife Mary, who they both agree, “is awesome.”

Just last year, after Jerry’s annual visit to his primary care physician, Mary was looking at his lab results. On the patient portal, anything unusual or abnormal was noted in red and Mary noticed a slightly elevated PSA number.

She insisted that Jerry, 58, follow-up with his physician. After a referral to a urologist, additional testing and ultimately, a biopsy, a diagnosis of prostate cancer – in the very early stages – was confirmed.

“Hearing you have any type of cancer is scary, but catching it early is helpful,” says Jerry.

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Why Choose Advanced Urology?

“My wife and I had so many questions about prostate cancer and the different treatments.  We did our research and met with several doctors. Dr. Bhalani did a great job explaining how he could help, what was entailed, next steps, treatment and follow up,” says Jerry, now cancer free after surgery to remove his prostate.

“Advanced Urology has a great staff — always professional and friendly.  Dr. Bhalani and his team are respectful of my time and sensitive to what I was going through whether it was in the check-in area, in the offices or going through treatment.”

“Do not take your health for granted.  Get checked regularly, talk to your doctors openly and do what is best for you,” advises Jerry. “Men are not as open as women when talking about personal things. They want to know, but it’s hard to start the conversation.  I find it really rewarding when I get the chance to talk to my friends about it as I know I am helping them.”

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