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Heroes Project 2022: Another Generation of Courageous Stories!

For over a decade, we’ve brought the incredible stories behind local cancer fighters, survivors and their families to light. It’s that time of year again to welcome a new set of Heroes and share their amazing stories and the things they’ve learned along the way. It’s all about focusing on what’s most important and celebrating these extraordinary people and their families in Gwinnett.

The Heroes Project has come a long way since we first launched it in 2009. For 13 years now, we’ve celebrated over 100 local cancer-fighting Heroes while spreading awareness, inspiring action and making voices heard. We’ve also produced several original tribute songs (one with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Shawn Mullins!), raised funds for the American Cancer Society and gotten to know so many wonderful people along the way.

Our 2022 Heroes Project stories are coming soon, and we can’t wait to share them with you! We’re so grateful to bring a new set of stories to light and continue giving these families the recognition they deserve. Stay tuned and join us in celebrating our extraordinary local Heroes and their loved ones!