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Hibiscus Gin Martini, Please!

Rested in the heart of downtown Braselton is a quaint American restaurant and cocktail bar called Local Station. It is the new local hangout spot! They serve exquisite craft cocktails and classic American dishes with Latin and Mediterranean flavors. Order the Blue Jack Chips to share while waiting for The Local Salad or Jack’s Feathers!

Their casual indoor and outdoor seating, paired with an ornate garnished martini is the perfect combination to start your weekend off right.

And speaking of martinis, Local Station really knows how to make one. They have a wide variety of options including their Peach Lavender Martini, the classic “Red White, and Blue”, a Hibiscus Gin Martini garnished with strawberries, and the best of both worlds: a Godiva Chocolate Martini! These are just a few of the many options to choose from at Local Station.

Check out some more of their local favorites and signature cocktails below!

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108 Brassies Lane Braselton, GA 30517